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KS0500 Keyestudio Max Development Board

Keyestudio Max development board is an Arduino uno-compatible board, which isbased on ATmega328P MCU, and with a cp2102 Chip as a UART-to-USB converter.MAX development board integrates three LEDs, two 6812RGB LEDs, two button switches, a buzzer, a microphone sensor, a light sensor, and an 8*16 dot matrix.
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KS0499 Keyestudio Mega Plus Board

KEYESTUIDO Mega plus Board, whose processor core is ATMEGA2560-16AU, is fully compatible with ARDUINO Mega REV3.This plus board consists of 54-channel digital input and output ports, of which 15 pins are served as PWM output, 16 analog inputs, 4 serial communication ports, one 16MHz crystal oscillator, 1 USB port, 1 power socket, 1 ICSP interface and 1 reset button.

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