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KS0530 Keyestudio Solar Tracking Kit

The solar tracking kit launched by KEYES is based on Arduino. It consists of 4 ambient light sensors, 2 DOF servos, a solar panel and so on, aiming at converting light energy into electronic energy and charging power devices.

It boasts a smart phone charging module, a temperature and humidity sensor, a BH1750 light sensor, a buzzer, an LCD1602 display, a push button module, an LED module and others, enriching the tutorial and making the projects more interesting.

This kit can not only help kids have a better learning about programming but obtain knowledge about electronics, machinery, controlling logic and computer science.

Furthermore, it is a cost-effective open-source programming device. Only a few simple steps are needed to install it and wire it up, very easy and convenient.

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KS0526 Keyestudio Mini Tank Robot V3

This STEM educational V3.0 tank robot has been newly upgraded, adding a line-tracking and a fire- extinguishing function. It vigorously enhances the relationship between kids and parents, and sparks children’s imagination through programming and coding.

In the course of assembly process, you can see its multiple functions like light following, line tracking, IR and BT remote control, speed adjustment and so on. Additionally, there are some small parts that can help you assemble the robot car.

There are basic sensors and modules, such as a flame sensor, a BT sensor, an obstacle avoidance sensor, an line tracking sensor and an ultrasonic sensor. The two tutorials for C language and Arduino are also suitable for the enthusiasts at different ages.

It is really the best choice for you.

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KS0523 4WD Mechanical Robot Arm Smart Car

As science and technology develops by leaps and bounces, human society moves towards an era of intelligence and automation as well.

Our hands are weak and unresistant to ultra-cold and high temperature environment. In this regard, mechanical arms can totally supplant our hands and work for people.

At present, KEYES group has designed this kind of smart mechanical arm car to tackle the shortcomings of most robot arms, clumsy and fixed. This mechanical smart car reacts and performs its functions by following commands sent by the cellphone connected.

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KS0503 Keyestudio PRO MICRO 5V 16MHZ Development Board

The processor core of Keyestudio PRO MICRO development board is ATMEGA32U4-MU, fully compatible with ARDUINO.
It has 18 digital input/output pins (of which 5 can be used as PWM output), 9 analog input, a 16 MHz crystal oscillator and a micro USB port.
In addition, its working voltage is 5V and we can supply power via micro USB cable and port RAW GND (DC 7-9V).

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